The Farm


  GREAT NEWS!  Our Tortilla Chip Plant is up and running!  We are finally able to produce our own Yellow and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.  What a long, and at     times difficult, project this has been.   Below is a picture of our plant and the attached office building, located in the small town of Trimont about six
miles northwest of our farm.  We are so appreciative of our customers.  They were so patient waiting for the shelves of their favorite natural food store to be filled with our chips again.  Thanks for all the great comments of encouragement.


If you are unfamiliar with our Tortilla Chips, these are the bags to look for.  Give them a try, we're sure you'll like them!


     As for the farming, the field work was finished and equipment put away before the first early snow and cold.  A couple of weeks before the snow the cows (with their calves) did their usual thing and decided to come home from the pasture without supervision, but this year got their directions mixed up and headed up the field road to Doug's brother's place.  It was the middle of the day so they were spotted and turned around and are now happy in their winter quarters.  One year, they came home by themselves in the middle of the night....milling around in front of the corral, bawling and each trying to keep in touch with their own calf.  Great fun for us to play the game "find the black cows at midnight"!  We didn't have quite as many cows this year for the cattle drive this spring, but  they sure know the road out to the pasture and are always eager to get out to the green grass.


      One thing with having our own tortilla chip plant, there is always some waste chips.  During the winter we have had to bring that waste home and dump in the cattle yard.  If you think you like our chips, well, the cows are wild about them.  They see the pickup drive up the lane and start bellowing and running to the gate.  They are addicted!   So fun.

Doug & Lin, Jeff and Ross Hilgendorf and families.