Mill FAQ

What is High Lysine Corn?

High Lysine corn is a hybrid that was developed to improve the protein in corn. This unique corn provides substantially higher levels of two essential amino acids: lysine and tryptophan. Amino acids are the building blocks of all protein. Essential amino acids are those that cannot be made in the body, but must be supplied by the diet for good nutrition. High Lysine corn was discovered by Dr. Edwin T. Mertz of Purdue University where it was developed to be an improvement over ordinary corn as a food source. It has the potential for eliminating kwashiorkor (a protein deficiency where children get bloated stomachs, large livers, red hair and die unexpectedly.) in countries where corn is the primary diet. Although regular corn provides plenty of calories, it is inadequate in amino acids, particularly lysine. High Lysine corn has nearly double the effective protein content of normal corn - almost as much as meat and more than milk. This protein is more effective because of its digestibility and considerable higher amounts of the essential amino acids. With its whole grain fiber and complete protein, it is a great addition to your diet.  Please note: this corn is not genetically modified.

Are your products locally grown?

We grow several of the grains that we offer: Oats, High Lysine Corn, Buckwheat, Yellow and White Popcorn, Spelt, Rye and sometimes Soybeans. What we don't grow, we source from other growers in the midwest. Exception: Sesame Seeds are not locally grown.

What makes your Oats different?

Our rolled oats are raw; produced without any heat applied, and usually rolled the day before being delivered to local co-op stores. For those of you who are into sprouting seeds, our oat groats may be sprouted.

Where can your products be bought?

Ask for our products at your local natural, organic food market or co-op:
Seward Food Co-op, 2823 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis
Wedge Food Co-op, 2105 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis
Linden Hills Food Co-op, 3815 Sunnyside Ave., Minneapolis
Eastside Food Co-op, 2551 Central Ave. E., Minneapolis
Whole Foods Markets, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Lake Calhoun, Hennepin, Edina
Mississippi Market, 622 Selby Ave., St. Paul
Mississippi Market, 1500 W. 7th, St. Paul
Mississippi Market, 740   7th St E, St. Paul
Valley Natural Foods, 13750 County Rd. 11, Burnsville
Lakewinds Natural Foods, 17523 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka
Lakewinds Natural Foods, 435 Pond Promenade, Chanhassen
Lakewinds Natural Foods, 6420 Lyndale Ave. S, Richfield
River Market Co-op, 221 N. Main, Stillwater
Fresh & Natural Foods, 1075 W. Hwy 96, Shoreview
Good Earth Food Co-op, 2110 - 8th St. N, St. Cloud
St. Peter Food Co-op, 228 W Mulberry St., St. Peter
Just Food Co-op, 516 Water St., Northfield
Hampden Park Food Co-op, 987 Raymond Ave, St. Paul
Golden Fig, 790 Grabd Ave, St. Paul, MN
Peoples Food Co-op, 519 - 1st Ave. SW,  Rochester
Simple Abundance, 318 Bush St, Red Wing
Harvest Food Co-op, 137 E Front, Owatonna
Spiral Food Co-op, 307 - 2nd St., Hastings
Wintergreen Food Co-op, 120 NW 3rd Ave, Albert Lea
Rainbow Food Co-op, 103 S. Main, Blue Earth
Crow Wing Co-op, 702 Washington St., Brainerd
Super Fresh, 2101  4th St NW, Austin
Fresh Thymes, 14880 Florence Trail, Apple Valley, MN
HyVee, Hilltop in Mankato, & HyVee, Fairmont, MN
Ferndale, 31659 Cty 24 Blvd, Cannon Falls, MN
Menomonie Market, 521 - 2nd St., Menomonie, WI
Whole Earth Food Co-op,126 S Main, River Falls, WI
Fresh & Natural Foods, 1701 Ward Ave., Hudson, WI
Just Local Foods, 1117 S Farwell, Eau Claire, WI
Oneota Food Co-op, 312 W Water St, Decorah, IA
Wilder Thymes, 711   16th St, Spirit Lake, IA
That Iowa Girl, Clarion, IA  515-851-1111

.....and etc.